Get trained to implement FinDock

Salesforce and FinDock are best configured by trained and experienced consultants. FinDock training is provided every two months and is free for qualifying consultants from Salesforce & partners.

We strongly recommend you attend our instructor-led training!


FinDock License

Trained partners get access to a free FinDock internal demo/training license.


Talk with us

You get direct contact with the FinDock product and development team.


Project Scoping

FinDock training gives you all the information needed to scope your project.


Hands on Experience

During the training, you’ll get hands-on experience with FinDock configuration.


Instructor-led training

A two-day class-based training led by an instructor. The instructor will help you with your assignments and answer your questions about FinDock as a product or its configuration.


Self-paced training

Follow a recorded version of the class-based training at your own pace. Includes assignments to deepen your understanding of FinDock and its configuration.

Tailored training

If you would like to train a large amount of consultants in your organisation at once, a tailor made training can be provided. Please contact our Sales department through the button below for more information.