FinDock Partners

Salesforce and FinDock are best configured by trained and experienced consultants. FinDock training is provided every two months and is free for qualifying consultants from Salesforce & partners.

Partner training

Already more than 150 Salesforce implementation partners are trained to implement FinDock. Ready to join them?

Partner resources

Your customer asked about FinDock? Doing a Salesforce project with FinDock? Here are some helpful resources to understand, explain and integrate FinDock.

Why join FinDock training?


FinDock License

Trained partners get access to a free FinDock internal demo/training license.


FinDock Connect

You get direct contact with the FinDock product and development team.


Project Scoping

FinDock training gives you all the information needed to scope your project.


Hands on Experience

During the training, you’ll get hands-on experience with FinDock configuration.

Partner resources

Here you will find resources to help you position and demonstrate FinDock easily and effectively.

Product information

The FinDock Factsheet gives you insight into all the supported Payment Service Providers, Filetypes and Payment Methods. Updated regularly to match new functionality being released.

FinDock provides extensive Product Documentation on how to install, configure and use FinDock.

As part of the documentation there are also API references available for integration with the Classic or Enhanced Payment API versions.

Prospect qualification

To help determine whether FinDock is the right payment solution for a particular prospect, we have developed a FinDock Qualification Questionnaire. This document will help you asses pre-requisites and identify the required payment methods and schemes. To obtain this document, please contact

Partner license

If you want a Full License or FinDock license for internal testing and demonstrations, we provide one full license per partner. To obtain either of these licenses, please contact, make sure to include the OrgId of the Org where you plan to install FinDock.

Request a quote

Customers always purchase directly from FinDock. However to empower you as a partner, you are able to request a quote on the customers behalf. To do so, please contact us.

Consultant training materials

For your convenience we will always have a link to the latest version of the training decks here.

The materials are provided as a publicly shared google drive folder, if your organisations security settings don’t allow you to open this folder, please use a personal google account, or open it in an incognito window.

You are free to use these materials for internal knowledge sharing or customer training, but please don’t share them publicly on the web yourself, instead always refer to this page to ensure everybody has access to the latest version at all times.

FinDock Partner Consultant training materials