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Create a seamless payment experience that not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps increase retention.

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How FinDock Helps Insurance Organizations

Extend Financial Services Cloud by adding a 100% native payments layer to centralize payments management, drive efficiencies through automation and enhance customer payment experiences. 
recurring payments

Recurring payments

Accept one-time or recurring payments on multiple channels at frequencies that suit your business and your customers.


failed payment handling

Missed/ failed payment handling

Automate customer centric follow up on failed or missed payments with native tools in Salesforce.


outbound payments

Outbound payments

Manage payouts with ease using FinDock’s SEPA credit transfer tool. Get full visibility and control at every step.


payments out

CRM data matching

Access a single source of truth in Salesforce with powerful bank file/ statement matching.

FinDock for Insurance

FinDock helps insurance companies on Salesforce streamline and automate the customer payment journey, improve the customer and employee experience, and gain insights to optimize journeys and processes with access to unified and enriched data. 

Direct Debit policy payments

Centralize policy management in Salesforce and initiate and process Direct Debit in SEPA or BACS with FinDock.

Customer onboarding (KYC)

Confirm the validity of Bank Account numbers and Credit Cards as part of the onboarding process.

End-to-end claims processing

Initiate and manage credit transfers after successfully processing insurance claims in Salesforce with FinDock.

insurance professional using Salesforce and FinDock

What our insurance clients are saying:

“Suppose a customer needs to pay 1,700.10 euros, but they transfer 1,700 euros instead. The question is, what to do with the remaining 10 cents? Before we used FinDock and Salesforce, we had to correct this manually. With guided matching, that’s no longer necessary.”

Read their full story here.

FinDock is 100% Salesforce native, which means you enjoy…


Salesforce data security

All data processed by FinDock sits in Salesforce. This automatically provides you with the same security standards as used by Salesforce.


Seamless integration

FinDock is built on top of Salesforce. This means it feels just like working within your regular Salesforce environment but with added features and functionalities.

Increased reliability

FinDock benefits from having the same tech infrastructure as Salesforce. This means FinDock is up and running when Salesforce is. 


With FinDock, you have the flexibility to customize your set-up to match your requirements. If you want to add new workflow rules, it’s as easy as using the basic Salesforce configuration.

Enhanced data quality

Data is accessible in real-time across Salesforce. This means your reports and dashboards always accurately represent payment statuses across your org.

Extendable to all Salesforce solutions

Because FinDock sits within the Salesforce architecture, it is extendable to all Salesforce solutions, clouds and customizations.

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