Gift Aid Management

FinDock Gift Aid is a 100% native on Salesforce and is included for all UK nonprofit customers.

Automated claim creation

FinDock automatically creates and submits Gift Aid claims for every eligible donation. Claims can be set up via API or manually.


Advanced declaration management

FinDock supports advanced scenarios including multiple declarations per donor and gaps in eligibility.


Complete audit history

Leverage the Salesforce Platform for a full audit history of every claim, reversal and declaration.


Automated claim reversal

If a Gift Aid claim has been reversed, FinDock updates this in Salesforce.

HMRC approved

FinDock Gift Aid Management is approved by the HMRC and directly integrated with HMRC services.

FinDock automatically submits Gift Aid claims to HMRC using our approved HMRC software. This means that no upload or download of files is required.

Gift Aid in Salesforce with FinDock

FinDock for fundraising

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