Online Payments

FinDock enables you to manage and process payments from multiple sources, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets. And by having this real-time data in Salesforce, you can save time, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiencies. Additionally, FinDock enhances customer engagement by allowing you to create custom payment experiences through Giving Pages, PayLinks, or the Payments API, with customisable forms and automated messages.


Streamline payment processing

Manage and process payments from multiple sources, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets.

Enhance customer engagement

Engage customers through customisable forms, recurring payments, automated thank-you messages and receipting, and more.


Increase efficiency and cost savings

Save time and reduce the costs associated with manual payment management through smart reporting and analytics tools that can help you track payment data and gain insights into payment performance.

Customise payment experiences

Create custom payment forms through our Giving Pages, PayLinks, or the Payments API that can be embedded on your website or shared via email or social media.

It’s empowering to be able to look at the data and see how we’re progressing. We can see how many transactions are being processed and which payment methods our donors prefer.


Jens Leweling

Mix and match payment methods and processors

Manage payment providers

Adding new payment service providers in Salesforce is easy with FinDock. FinDock integrates with both global and local payment service providers, giving you the flexibility to test and adapt as you grow. Take a look at the full list of FinDock’s supported payment service providers gocardless mollie
paypal redsys smartdebit
stripe six payment services tikkie

Adapt payment methods

Adding new payment methods in Salesforce via FinDock is easy – simply flip the toggle in the dock! New methods are immediately available across all channels through the FinDock Payment API. Select the right mix of global and local payment methods to meet your customer’s needs today and in the future.

Collect online payments from any sources

Payment API

Capture payment data, mix payment processors and methods, unify payment and customer data, and automate payment journeys using Salesforce’s automation tools, all while using your preferred front-end forms. Read more.


Effortlessly create personalised payment links directly in Salesforce, which can be shared through any channel, from email to social media. By centralising payments within Salesforce, you can easily track and manage all transactions in one place, providing you with full visibility into your payment data. Read more.

Giving Pages

Create landing pages and forms using modern, responsive, and GDPR-compliant templates to support your fundraising efforts. You can configure your payment forms for one-time or recurring donations and store all the payment data in Salesforce in real time. Read more.

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