FinDock for Education

Meet alumni and major donors on their preferred platforms, optimize fundraising channels, and streamline payment operations in Salesforce.


Meet the needs of today's alumni

Alumni engagement has radically shifted in recent years and so have the ways in which they give. Optimizing giving channels, payment methods, and personalizing engagements for alumni and other supporters is crucial in order to maximize fundraising income and achieve your advancement goals.


Manage one-time and recurring gifts in Salesforce

Capture, process and reconcile one-time and recurring gifts from online and offline sources and channels in Salesforce. FinDock is 100% Salesforce native and works out-of-the-box with Education Cloud and EDA (Education Data Architecture). 

Why FinDock for education?

Diversify giving options

Offer a variety of different payment methods for both online and offline giving. Measure and optimize providers and methods and adapt as supporter preferences change.

Understand donors with 360 data

Get a complete 360 degree view of every alum with added payment data. Understand how and when consituents give and through which channels and methods. 

Personalize engagements

Having actionable data in Salesforce means your advancement team can send more relevant and personalized messages to deepen relationships and drive more engagement.

Streamline operations

Customize workflows to suit your institution’s needs, and remove the complexity in managing multiple vendors and applications with one complete solution.

Meet alumni with their preferred payment methods



Direct Debit

Online Banking

Payment Requests


FinDock also supports many regional-specific payment methods. A full list of supported payment methods and payment providers can be found on our Factsheet.

Capture, process and reconcile payments


FinDock Payment API

The FinDock Payment API orchestrates payment processing with a wide selection of payment service providers. Mix and match providers to suit your supporter’s preferences, easily integrate with your institute’s front-end experience and intelligently optimize using insights directly accessible in Salesforce. Learn more →

FinDock Giving Pages

Spin up ‘no-code’ donation pages and forms with FinDock Giving Pages. Easily customize your page and connect your preferred payment providers directly in Salesforce. Empower your fundraising team to launch one-off campaigns to support individual giving drives, or ongoing campaigns via your website. Learn more→ 

FinDock Guided Matching

Automate payment reconciliation via payment service providers and manage batch reconciliation for bank files and bank reports. FinDock Guided Matching handles large file volumes with ease which means you can upload, de-dupe and match 1,000’s of transactions at once.  Customize rules and workflows to meet your institution’s business processes. Learn more →

findock giving pages for higher education

FinDock is a valuable solution for all educational institutions looking to streamline donation payment management in Salesforce. 

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Lars Spruijt
Managing Director

Optimize donation capture with real-time insights

Whether capturing payment information online via payment service providers or through your bank, FinDock makes it easy to get this information into Salesforce via our Payment API and Guided Matching tool. Payment information is de-duped and matched to the relevant contact in Salesforce and this data can be viewed across Salesforce reports, dashboards, or within your analytics tool of choice.

findock insights dashboard higher ed fundraising

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