FinDock Direct Debit

FinDock’s Direct Debit gives you full control over your (recurring) direct debit processes, enables you to save time and effort with automations, and our extensive validation procedures ensure you collect on time, every time.

Native Direct Debit Management


Automated Mandate/DDI management

Automatically create, submit and update your mandates/DDIs to ensure compliance with your local direct debit scheme


Extensive data validation

Direct Debits rely heavily on correct data, so our extensive data quality validation prevents collection failures due to invalid or missing data. 

Automate Direct Debit collections

FinDock ensures your direct debits run automatically every month, week, or day.

Managed from Salesforce

With FinDock, your entire Direct Debit process, from scheduling to failed payment follow-up is managed from Salesforce.

image of FinDock's supported Direct Debit schemes

Direct Debit with FinDock


Customer data-driven, direct debit management

Integrate the information from your customer360 into the direct debit process by fine-tuning individual collection dates and reducing failed payments.

Effective, efficient & user friendly

Automation and validation ensure your processes run smoothly and efficiently. And thanks to the intuitive interface and easy-to-understand status information, users will be delighted to work with FinDock.

Expand your reach

Thinking of expanding your business into other geographical areas? FinDock has you covered! From Switzerland to Scandinavia and from Italy to the UK, FinDock supports all major direct debit schemes throughout Europe.

I like that we have full visibility and control over the direct debit process. 

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Annik Wierenga
Project Manager

Supported file schemes for bank statements and Direct Debit

Applicable country / region Direct Debit scheme File standards

EU, Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City


CAMT.053, CAMT.54
PAIN.002, PAIN.008

Spain SEPA


Italy SEDA

PAIN.009, PAIN.010, PAIN.011


PAIN.002, PAIN.008



CAMT.053, CAMT.54
PAIN.002, PAIN.008

United Kingdom


Input Report
Standard 18

*Please refer to the FinDock Knowledge Base for a list of supported BICs and how to request additional BIC support if needed.

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