FinDock Features

FinDock offers a full suite of Salesforce native tools and features to support end-to-end payments management.

Collect one-time and recurring payments

one-time payment

One-time payments

Offer your customers multiple ways to make one-time payments on any channel, online or offline. Connect payments to banks, payment services providers and reconcile data in Salesforce.

recurring payments

Recurring payments and subscriptions

Set-up, manage and automate subscription payments in Salesforce with FinDock’s out-of-the-box functionality or via our integration partners

Optimize your payments stack

FinDock makes it easy to optimize processors and methods as customer preferences change.

Manage payment providers

Adding new payment service providers in Salesforce is easy with FinDock. FinDock integrates with both global and local payment service providers, giving you the flexibility to test and adapt as you grow. Take a look at the full list of FinDock’s supported payment service providers gocardless mollie
paypal redsys smartdebit
stripe six payment services tikkie

Capture payments online

Connect front-end payment data capture

Use FinDock’s 3rd party integrations, FinDock Giving Pages, or the FinDock Payment API to connect your front-end payment experience.

Optimize payment processors & methods

Configure payment processors and payment methods from Salesforce. Easily adapt your payment stack as your organization grows.

Unify payment & customer data in Salesforce

FinDock turns payment data into CRM data, actionable across all Salesforce solutions in real-time.

Drive enhanced customer experiences

Automate payment journeys using the full power of Salesforce. Deliver a truly integrated experience for every customer.

Adapt payment methods

Adding new payment methods in Salesforce via FinDock is easy – simply flip the toggle in the dock! New methods are immediately available across all channels through the FinDock Payment API. Select the right mix of global and local payment methods to meet your customer’s needs today and in the future.

Adapt payment methods

Adding new payment methods in Salesforce via FinDock is easy – simply flip the toggle in the dock! New methods are immediately available across all channels through the FinDock Payment API. Select the right mix of global and local payment methods to meet your customer’s needs today and in the future.

Control the entire Direct Debit process in Salesforce


FinDock Direct Debit

Collect Direct Debit in several payment schemes like SEPA, SEDA, BACS, CH-DD, LSV+ with FinDock’s native tools. Manage direct debit mandates, payment schedules and reconciliation all within Salesforce. With FinDock direct debit management you have full flexibility and control over the entire direct debit process.

Direct Debit with PSPs

FinDock offers integrations with multiple payment service providers which offer Direct Debit management. Get started quickly and automate processes including payment notifications and customer engagements. View a full list of partners on the FinDock Factsheet.

Direct debit with FinDock PSPs
Direct debit with FinDock PSPs

With FinDock, we know which donor has made a Direct Debit and why. We also have more control over the engagement.


Jeroen Beelen
Data and Marketing Automation Manager

Create, send, track and manage payment requests from your CRM

QR Codes

Create QR codes to trigger customer payments via digital and print communications like email, sms, newsletters and direct mail. Reconcile payments in Salesforce and measure the success of your campaigns in real-time.

Payment Links

Easily create Payment Links and get real-time updates on successful payments in Salesforce. Use Payment Links across all digital channels as a method to make payments a more seamless experience for your customers. 

Payment Requests

Create payment references for one-time or recurring payments to add to payment slips. Manage campaign allocation and match to payments to customers with FinDock Guided Matching.

Regional payment references such as acceptgiro, Bollettino Postale and OGM supported.

Reconcile payment data across your CRM

FinDock’s Guided Matching automatically matches data from imported files to your CRM data. You have full visibility at each step of the way and can customize rules to ensure all your needs are met. If there are outliers, Findock takes you through a guided matching process which gives you control over any outstanding data matching.

Bank statements

FinDock’s large volume bank file reconciliation makes it easy to ensure all your data is synced up. Automatically match payments to the right invoice, subscription, campaign or custom object in Salesforce.

PSP notifications

Reconcile payment data in real-time from all your preferred payment service providers in Salesforce. Enjoy streamlined automation and manage workflows and notifications with ease across all payments.

Supported file schemes for bank statements and Direct Debit

Applicable country / region Direct Debit scheme File standards

EU, Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City


CAMT.053, CAMT.54
PAIN.002, PAIN.008

Spain SEPA


Italy SEDA

PAIN.009, PAIN.010, PAIN.011


PAIN.002, PAIN.008



CAMT.053, CAMT.54
PAIN.002, PAIN.008

United Kingdom


Input Report
Standard 18

*Please refer to the FinDock Knowledge Base for a list of supported BICs and how to request additional BIC support if needed.

What you get with FinDock

Giving Pages
Payments API
PayLinks (add on)
Payment Requests


Payment Processors (x2)
Custom Payment Methods
Gift Aid Management

One-time Payments

Through PSP
Self-managed Direct Debit

Recurring Payments

Through PSP
Self-managed Direct Debit
Payment Disbursement
Self-managed SEPA Credit Transfer (add on)


PSP Reconciliation
File-based Reconciliation – Automated
File-based Reconciliation – Guided
File-based Reconciliation – Manual

Financial Reporting
Campaign Allocation & Performance
Payment Processor Performance
Payment Method Performance


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