FinDock & Salesforce

FinDock is a 100% native application that extends Salesforce with powerful Payment Management capabilities

FinDock and Salesforce

Salesforce becomes a Payments Management Platform

Payments processing is integrated with your CRM

Connect to payment service providers and banks directly in Salesforce. You have full control over payment operations and workflows in CRM.

Payment data is accessible in real-time in CRM

View payment data within your customer profiles, and in reports and dashboards across your entire Salesforce environment.

Customer payment data is actionable across CRM

Leverage the full power of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to launch more intelligent customer journeys and engagements.

Salesforce reports and dashboards are enriched with payment data


FinDock is 100% Salesforce native, which means you enjoy…

Salesforce data security

All data processed by FinDock sits in Salesforce. This automatically provides you with the same security standards as used by Salesforce.


Seamless integration

FinDock is built on top of Salesforce. This means it feels just like working within your regular Salesforce environment but with added features and functionalities. 

Increased reliability

FinDock benefits from having the same tech infrastructure as Salesforce. This means FinDock is up and running when Salesforce is. 


With FinDock, you have the flexibility to customize your set-up to match your requirements. If you want to add new workflow rules, it’s as easy as using the basic Salesforce configuration.

Enhanced data quality

Data is accessible in real-time across Salesforce. This means your reports and dashboards always accurately represent payment statuses across your org.

Extendable to all Salesforce solutions

Because FinDock sits within the Salesforce architecture, it is extendable to all Salesforce solutions, clouds and customizations.

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