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We’ve moved on from having to rely on paper forms and postage fees, transitioning to a product that can handle our Direct Debit and card membership payments. This has improved our processes immensely and saved us a lot of time/paper. This has been a big change for us and we’ve been supported fantastically well by Chris and FinDock Support.

We are now looking forward to automate more of our processes through FinDock – would definitely recommend!

Previously we had to copy and paste all membership details from one program into Salesforce, check the payments had processed and manually update the membership to active which was very time consuming. Now, as it is all automated this allows us to use our time more efficiently. The Service support is fantastic and the team respond to queries very promptly. Couldn’t recommend FinDock more highly it is such a great program.

Very well thought out tool

Review by Dan Collis from VRP Consulting

April 2, 2024

We recently implemented Findock for a charity to manage their Direct Debits, Giving page donations, and Gift aid processing and this tool is really well thought through. It offers businesses that use it huge amounts of automation in these areas.

This is a large tool with lots of features but with the live webinars and online learning the client was able to upskill themselves to understand how FinDock works. FinDock manages to solve so many pain points fundraising charities face and ensure that all their processes and data can be managed in one place, Salesforce.

Game-changing product, excellent support and features, have recommended to other charities.

Review by Zachary Jackman from The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

Mar 26, 2024

We had been exploring switching from a legacy, open-source CRM to a more user-friendly experience to encourage adoption with our staff and streamline future donations at scale with the right system. After being referred to Salesforce’s “Power of Us” programme, which offers free licenses to nonprofits, we also started to explore collecting donations and FinDock’s native integration…

… FinDock’s built-in ability to create custom giving pages with logos, graphics, fonts, our own domain, etc. has essentially been a game-changer and has ended up saving us thousands in coding costs vs restructuring our website.

Streamlined processes with FinDock

Review by Justine Daniels from Read for Good

Jun 11, 2023

We migrated our donor journey to FinDock earlier this year. Our donor journey is more complicated than most, and although there were inevitably some implementation challenges, the FinDock team have been super-helpful. They’ve been receptive to feedback, and have offered high levels of customer service with a determination to resolve issues. We suggested a dev improvement just a few months ago which didn’t seem to be a FinDock priority at the time (fair enough); so I was delighted to receive an email to say the improvement has been actioned and will be live any day now. It’s great having all our data and processes within Salesforce.

We recently moved to FinDock for processing both BACS and SEPA Direct Debits. FinDock has made this process easier, and much better for back office finance team to run without support. We are not yet using using FinDock to process online donations (Card and Paypal), but plan to be in the near future.
We chose FinDock because the product is really good, had all the functionality we required and supported multiple payment methods, with easy ability to add more in as required.
The support offered by FinDock is really good, have been really impressed with both speed and quality of support offered, really does help give confidence in the product.

We started working with FinDock as part of our migration to Salesforce. The automations offered allowed us to work more efficiently by processing website donations, direct debit collections and gift aid claims on the same place. The giving page is also a great solution for charities that don’t have a high budget for website development.

Other than the technical side, the customer service is exceptional. Chris has been working on our project since the beginning and I can certainly say that he was essential to our success. His great knowledge of FinDock and Salesforce combined to his willingness to see clients thrive made all the difference during our system migration. Our whole team is very pleased with it!

Good support, core to our UK DD processing

Review by Family for Every Child

May 16, 2023

We’ve been using FinDock to process our UK DDs for some time now and we’ve been really happy with how the product is working and the support we’ve received when we’ve had any problems.

The go-to solution for European nonprofits

Review by Jens Leweling from Aiado GmbH

December 16, 2022

FinDock was part of our Salesforce implementation strategy from the beginning (2017). They offer a suite of solutions that is, in my view, an essential Add-On for European nonprofits using Salesforce. The automated processing of bank statements saves us many hours each week. The potential of their Guided Matching solution is impressive and allows us to track Campaigns and other metrics accurately. The flexibility of FinDocks Giving API and Giving Pages allow us to be as flexible as we want to be, no matter what custom fields we want to pass through to Salesforce, which is fantastic for campaign tracking and automation. We also greatly benefit from…

FinDock was the one product we selected as part of migrating our fundraising activity to Salesforce, that didn’t meet our brief to ‘cover the basic’ existing functionality so we could migrate quickly and improve once we’d achieved that.
The reason was simple; we could see the potential for the FinDock app with areas we weren’t yet ready to adopt but knew would significantly improve our processes and create new opportunities for the fundraising teams to implement fast and with a degree of self sufficiency. We knew we needed to go straight to FinDock to realise our long term vision.
Since then, FinDock further cemented our decision by developing their MOTO solution….

Payments made easy

Review by Samuel De Rycke from PwC

November 12, 2022

Have happily implemented FinDock at multiple Salesforce implementations the past years in combination with Converse and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Great functionality in this app that reduces having payment capabilities to configuration rather than custom designs, code, ETL and API developments.

Equally great experiences in communication with the product team and support team.

Great support and great product!

Review by Nessa Nguyen from Solution Junkies

October 21, 2022

We worked with the FinDock team to implement the app for one of our clients who operated on a global scale. We set up automatic direct debit collections, credit card collections, mandates and the gift aid collection process. With support from FinDock, we integrated the client’s custom web donation page to the FinDock API for fundraising with Paypal and Stripe. One of the most valuable features of FinDock is the ability for custom matching rules, as our client had a lot of business processes and specific matching criterias they needed to follow. Using this, we set up rules that allowed CAF and Stewardship csvs to be imported, then the rules did the heavy lifting with extracting that data into the correct format. Another use of the guided matching is that the clients are now able to upload other formats of MT940s from other countries and import them into Salesforce.

Great working with the FinDock team and looking forward to working again together!

FinDock improves the donation journey

Review by Jan Pieter de Langen from Protestantse Kerk

Oct 12, 2022

Findock is a solid, ambitious and service minded company. Their app helped our organization in collecting payments. Both B2C and B2B.

Their team is always willing to help. They have a very quick response time. Moreover they are on top of the market and continuously improving their product.

An Excellent Flexible Payment Solution

Review by Michael Paxman from Parentkind

Implementation partner: Giveclarity

Sep 22, 2022

FinDock is an excellent payment systems provider. We were one of the early adopters for UK direct debits and have now switched our Card payments over online to their integration with Stripe. I’m so glad we decided to migrate to FinDock. The platform is flexible, reliable and open for you to proactively manage your payments. It’s a great solution for anyone, but particularly charities or non profits, with a specific NPSP configuration. Customer service is outstanding. Definitely recommend.

Fantastic product and team!

Review by Simon Newell from Love For Life

Sep 12, 2022

…We’re a small charity and FinDock has revolutionised our processes, data integrations and insights and ultimately our ability to fundraise. We’ve utilised both the GoCardless and Stripe integrations with all Gift Aid reconciliation/claims now handled by FinDock – eliminating, or significantly reducing, the manual processing time across these income streams.

The result? In the first two months of going live, FinDock has enabled us to increase our regular givers by a huge 50%!

If you’re looking for 100% native solution for payments on Salesforce, FinDock is the one!

Best payment management system for non-profits on Salesforce

Review by Zaid Moosa from Veganuary

Implementation partner: Hazledene Solutions

Feb 15, 2022

…We are a small, international charity and receive lots of donations during our end of year campaign, and throughout the year, from donors across the world (both one-off and recurring). The FinDock team has been brilliant. One of the most important things for us was just to have a provider who cares about what we’re doing and genuinely wants to provide a great service and help us to succeed, and this was really evident when speaking to and working with the FinDock team. They have been so supportive and helpful with issues we had in migrating over, setting up, and then trialling and running the system, going beyond what they were contracted to do..

Made our processes more efficient, and Giving Pages is a treat!

Review by Robin Peake from Wycliffe Bible Translators

Implementation partner: Giveclarity

Feb 14, 2022

Before selecting FinDock, we spoke to other charities in the UK who we respected and they encouraged us to choose it as a payments solution. We are very happy we made that decision. We use FinDock for most of our donation processing, including bank file reconciliation. Recently, we used FinDock Giving Pages for our Christmas campaign which is our biggest appeal of the year. We were pretty blown away by how simple it was to use and in general, everything just worked. After we came back from Christmas break, we were caught up with donations in two days. Before, this could have taken up to 20 days.

Highly Recommended

Review by Delphine Gerno from Edifixio

January 13, 2022

First, FinDock is 100% Native to Salesforce, meaning no integration costs, easy implementation
2nd, Best Team Ever .. 😉 Always here to help if needed
3rd, An easy app for a very technical use case
Our NonProfit clients gain time in managing there payment process… so they gain money and can focus on their mission.

Very good and reliable partner with a great and very helpful team.

Review by Sascha Gomringer from UNICEF CH

Implementation partner: Persistent

Aug 25, 2021

We are very happy with FinDock and their Payment Hub solution. The main reasons for choosing FinDock were the various possibilities to process payments (one-time and recurring) with every thinkable payment method. No matter if manually, automatically, via CAMT file (incl. all special cases in the Swiss market), via API etc. and all this natively in Salesforce and with a clear pricing model.

We are looking forward to further cooperation!

Smooth payment processes via different channels and control of donor & direct debit data

Review by Jeroen Beelen from Save The Children Nederland

Implementation partner: PwC

Aug 11, 2021

For Save the Children the combination of Salesforce, Converse and FinDock is invaluable, we have a single source of truth for all our donor and payment data. And we are able to add new payment channels quite easy. Thanks to FinDock we are in control of our direct debit data (also follow up off failed payments). FinDock is very cooperative and easy to get in touch with.

Looking forward to next steps both FinDock and we will make to improve our payment processes and make it more customer centric. Let’s go!

Great partner with high knowledge

Review by Alexander Kindinger from Christian Blind Mission

Jul 26, 2021

FinDock was part of our Salesforce implementation from the very beginning.
We have complex requirements especially in the analysis of incoming payments.
FinDock understood our requirements very well and delivered an exceptionally well-working solution. The solution is increasing our work efficiency, it is supporting our processes very well and helps us, to keep a good data quality.
Beside of FinDocks professional skills they became true partners to us, and it is a real pleasure working with the FinDock team.
Our Salesforce implementation wouldn’t have been as successful at is was, without all the effort and support by FinDock.

A perfect solution for (small) charities

Review by Annik Wierenga from Juconi

Implementation partner: TwoPurpose

Jul 21, 2021

FinDock provides our charity with a perfect solution for all our financial processes regarding donations, even the more traditional payment methods. It’s easy to use, and gives us full visibility and control over the direct debit process. With Salesforce and FinDock, we’re able to engage with donors in more meaningful ways with less effort because this payment solution automatically updates and matches data across the system, adds information to the donor profile, and gives us real time insight on campaign performances.

At Greenpeace Italy we use FinDock in conjunction with Salesforce NPSP: the solution implemented allows us to easily manage all the different types of donations we receive. The FinDock staff were very careful with our needs during the analysis phase, and were able to find solutions for the specific features of the Italian banking system.
Moreover, their support is always quick and helpful.
Highly recommended.

Great innovative payment solution & great team!

Review by Lars Spruijt from Blueforce

January 22, 2021

We have been working with Bas and his team since 2015 and have helped many NGOs to the next step in digitization, enabling them to work data-driven and make even more impact.
In recent years, FinDock has developed into an innovative solution for all conceivable payments. FinDock has also developed strongly in professionalism. Excellent training and adequate support are the result of the professionalization process. We are pleased with this partnership and the developments FinDock has gone through.

Intuitive Solution and great Support!

Review by Sebastian Hansson from EMPAUA

October 23, 2020

FinDock is a great payment processing suite that is easy to use for bulk collection runs and bank statement imports. Guided matching is a nicely designed interface with a lot of flexible and useful features!
There are a lot of other useful features like automated mandate creation, iban validation etc.

One of the best parts about FinDock is their great Support team! They are very knowledgeable about Salesforce and NPSP features, always willing to help, providing great advice, listening and implementing feedback of their customers. Keep up doing this great work!

Unlocking Financial capabilities directly from your customers profile

Review by Jurgen Peters from TwoPurpose

March 27, 2020

Finally a comprehensive platform to manage all of the payment data for the donors/relations for your organization and use the data for customer journeys and other processes. We have implemented FinDock already many times successfully. It manages your direct debit process from within salesforce and also enables you to reconcile bank statement straight from within CRM. You can define matching rules for incoming payment against any object. It also enables your donors/relations to donate or pay with their preferred payment method by handling all the technical complexity.

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