July 8, 2022
Veganuary is a UK-based charity that’s all about getting people to try a vegan diet. The charity started in 2014 in the UK, and it’s now realizing its mission in the US, Latin America, Europe, and India too.

The charity encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. During the 2022 campaign, more than 620,000 people took the pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 1,540 new vegan products and menu options were launched in the organization’s key campaign countries.

While Veganuary was already using Salesforce and Pardot to support its fundraising efforts, the team decided to add FinDock in order to more efficiently manage the growing number of donors from around the world.

Before starting with FinDock, Veganuary was using another AppExchange app to process and manage donor payments, but according to Zaid Moosa, Fundraising Manager at Veganuary, “the app was not designed or optimized for NPSP, it was too restrictive, and couldn’t meet our needs as a small charity.” 

We had a chat with Zaid and learned how the team’s mission is being realized a little easier since they made the move.

Building seamless donor journeys and improving data quality

As an international charity, it’s important to be able to localize and translate donation pages and optimize them for different audiences. However, building new pages for every campaign can take a lot of time and it can be hard to track the results if it’s not connected to your CRM.

“When I joined Veganuary we had limited access to data and we weren’t making the best use of what we did have,” says Zaid, which brought challenges when it came to understanding and reaching new audiences. 

“In 2021 most of the donations came from the UK — about 65% of them and 35% from the US. This year, we had an even percentage of donations from the UK, US, and Germany,” says Zaid.

The charity realized quickly that FinDock’s Giving Pages coupled with Salesforce Pardot could support them in building subscriber journeys, faster and with less complexity. 

Now they can localize, translate, and personalize pages for different audiences in less time, and all the data is instantly available in Salesforce.

“We can start raising money from our German supporters simply by creating a Giving Page. Being able to create as many pages as we need without any technical help is brilliant — the pages are easy to use and I can create one in just 1 hour.” 

Veganuary also now has access to a lot more data about its donors, which makes it easier to create journeys they can relate to.

Because FinDock is 100% native, payment data becomes Salesforce CRM data. This allows us to see who donated, where they’re from, and how much they donated. This means we can launch more tailored journeys from Pardot and never miss an opportunity.”

Now, the charity has more visibility into each payment throughout the journey and can spot and react to failed payments as they happen.

“It’s easy to identify failed donations, compare them with Stripe data, and figure out an email prompt to attempt to recapture them because now we know why they failed.”

Optimizing and adapting to donors’ preferences

Veganuary recently started fundraising from its audience in Germany and the team wants to fully localize its donation pages to meet its new audiences’ needs. That means understanding and adding in local payment methods too.

“With FinDock, we can introduce more payment options which is a big benefit. I want to add SEPA for European card donations, bank transfers and direct debit and expand. While this decision depends on the donors, it’s great to know we have the freedom to introduce as many payment methods as possible.”

Thanks to the control offered by Salesforce and FinDock, Veganuary can now better optimize their donor journeys, understand their donors’ preferences, and spend more time planning future campaigns and making an impact in the world. All while being supported by a team that’s working with them.

“FinDock cares,” says Zaid Moosa. “And that’s all that matters. I didn’t need a solution to do everything straight away, but it’s great to know FinDock is ready to help whenever we need them.”

Finding the right partner

During the project, Veganuary worked with FinDock trained partner, Hazledene Solutions who was also pleased with the FinDock offering, both for the customer and also for its team.

“We found the implementation process to be easier than anticipated,” shared Emma Keeling, Founder and Consultant at Hazledene Solutions. “FinDock has excellent documentation and a fantastic support team to answer queries. They were also open to feedback so that they could improve the product for future implementations.”

“We would recommend FinDock to any Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) users, because of the seamless integration between the two platforms. What FinDock is offering is second to none in the Salesforce nonprofit  space.”

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