Terre des Hommes

September 30, 2022
Terre des Hommes Italy is a nonprofit that seeks to defend children’s rights and offer them access to equitable development. It manages humanitarian relief projects and development initiatives across the Middle East, South-East Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan and Austral Africa. 

Terre des Hommes relies heavily on donations from individual donors, and while its fundraising team has achieved success in the past, it recognizes that there is more opportunity to take advantage of data and digital – however, it needed tools to support them in doing so.

Engaging and activating donors

“Before moving to Salesforce, we couldn’t focus on donor journeys or personalization because our old system just wasn’t built to support that,” says Anna Agus, Individual Giving Manager at Terre des Hommes Italy. “It made it challenging for the team to plan and execute strategic fundraising initiatives.”

“We have roughly 10,000 active donors, and we want to improve the experience for them. We also have a large database of inactive donors that we want to activate,” shares Anna. “We’re glad we now have the tools which will enable us to do this.”

While Salesforce offered Terre des Hommes much of what it needed, it was missing the functionality needed to accept, process and manage payments, something every fundraising organization needs to do. To overcome this, the team decided to extend their Salesforce solution with FinDock, which was implemented by TenEnigen.

Acting fast during emergency appeals 

Having payments integrated with Salesforce makes it easier for Terre des Hommes to collect one-time and recurring donations on their online fundraising pages, and also to act fast during emergency appeals.

“We had a lot of contacts we reached out to during an emergency appeal with great success,” explains Anna. “Because of FinDock, I could take credit card donations with ease. Also, we could send thank you messages straight away, not after a few months.” she continues.”

Supporting local payment methods: bollettino postale

Another important feature that made FinDock appealing for Terre des Hommes was the ability to process donations made through bollettino postale, a type of payment slip popular in Italy. 

“We still take a lot of donations via bollettino postale, which people usually pay in the post office,” says Caterina Montaldo, Compliance and Quality Executive at Terre des Hommes. “We found that FinDock was the only solution available that would allow us to manage and process bollettino postale in Salesforce – this was a big advantage for us.”

Control, visibility and donor engagement

Managing and processing direct debit natively in Salesforce was also very important to Terre des Hommes as it means more control, reduced costs, and more efficiencies.

“The direct debit process is much easier, straightforward, and clear,” shares Caterina. “We can already see the difference between the new and old systems.”

The fundraising team now has much more visibility of donations and donors which means they are empowered to take action.

“With FinDock, I know how many people donated and also when they donated. This means I can get in contact with them to thank them,” says Anna. “I can also just click a button to see who hasn’t donated and identify failed payments, which means I can follow up with them to try and capture the donation another way.”

Terre des Hommes Italy is a great example of an organization that’s looking toward the future by re-assessing its strategy and the tools they need to support them to become more donor-centric and data-driven. We look forward to seeing their future success.

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