FinDock for Sweden

The complete solution

FinDock can revolutionize payment management for Swedish organizations, addressing the challenges of complex and quickly outdated custom-built systems. Offering a 100% Salesforce-native solution, FinDock simplifies the payment process, allowing seamless management within Salesforce, thus eliminating the need for external platform integration.

Manage the entire Autogiro lifecycle on Salesforce

With FinDock, the whole Autogiro lifecycle is fully manageable within Salesforce. Our seamless and automated setup, developed in collaboration with Bankgirot, ensures a user-friendly experience, simplifying your payment processes without any extra hassle.

Online Payment Management

Accept Autogiro via Giving Pages, PayLinks or the API.

Recurring Payment Processing

Fully automated payment processing for your recurring payments.

Offline Payment Management

Set up mandates for any channel. FinDock handles the mandate management.

Payment and Mandate Report Management

Out of the box logic for most reports making for efortless administration.

FinDock e-mandates for Autogiro

In addition, using FinDock’s e-mandates feature users can authenticate using BankID. This system enables customers to confirm their identity securely and ensures that a signed, bank-verified mandate PDF is automatically stored in Salesforce. This document serves as conclusive evidence of authorized collection and can also be sent to customers as a confirmation of their signature.

Seamless integration with Swish

As a technical partner of Swish, FinDock has enhanced its platform to enable users to initiate Swish payments using the FinDock Payment API. This integration allows for straightforward payments using the FinDock API, where users can initiate payments directly via Swish.

Additionally, when a payer sends money to your Swish number, FinDock facilitates the automatic reconciliation of these transactions into Salesforce.


Seamless bank file processing with Bankgiro and Plusgirot receivables

Save time and reduce paperwork with seamless Bankgiro and PlusGirot integration. With FinDock’s Bank Statement Matching feature your bank statements are automatically reconciled with transactions and the existing CRM data, ensuring accurate financial records and significantly reducing manual reconciliation efforts.

Supported Payment Methods in Sweden

Supported Payment Processors in Sweden

You can find the full overview of compatible payment processors and methods in our factsheet.

Innovating for Impact: Rädda Barnen optimizes their fundraising with Salesforce and FinDock

“By choosing Salesforce and FinDock, we are aligning our organization with modern solutions that will not only help us improve our current operations but also support our mission of bettering the lives of children in need.”

– Robert Katic, CIO at Rädda Barnen

Learn why Rädda Barnen has chosen FinDock to optimize their fundraising process. Read more

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