Payments API

Connecting custom web forms to preferred payment processors directly through Salesforce allows businesses to personalise the digital payment experience. This connection enables real-time data updates throughout the payment journey and provides access to Salesforce solutions and customizations for reporting, workflows, and engagements. By leveraging these tools, you can create seamless and personalised payment experiences.


Streamline payment collection

By connecting front-end payment data capture through established 3rd party integrations, you can save time, improve speed and efficiency, and increase customer trust.


Flexibility and control over the payment process

Choose the most efficient and cost-effective options for each transaction, without needing to switch between different systems or platforms. 

Full 360 view of transactions and interactions

Automatically sync payment data with Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Create more personalised payment journeys

Reduce the time and effort required for customers to complete transactions, resulting in a more convenient and efficient experience.

One-time and recurring payments 

Forms are fully integrated with your FinDock configuration, which means your preferred payment processors and methods are automatically available to select, even processor-specific parameters.

Define exactly which methods to show, in which order and set pre-selected options such as one-time or recurring payments, define preset amounts and much more.

image of FinDock's supported payment processors in Salesforce
FinDock allows us to do both digital and traditional fundraising, in a way that connects all our data and gives us a complete view of our donors.
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Database Manager

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