Innovating for Impact: Save the Children Sweden optimizes their fundraising with Salesforce and FinDock

Chantal van Mourik
October 9, 2023

Save the Children, an esteemed international organization, has been working tirelessly since its establishment in the UK in 1919 to enhance the well-being of children across the globe. Save the Children’s mission revolves around creating opportunities for better education, healthcare, and economic prospects, all in the pursuit of improving the lives of children.

In a strategic move to bolster their operations, Save the Children Sweden has decided to leverage the power of Salesforce and FinDock. With this new technology, Save the Children Sweden aims to optimize their fundraising process.

Key factors in choosing for FinDock

The decision for Salesforce and FinDock is grounded in several key factors:

Swedish Payment Methods 

As a launching customer, Save the Children Sweden will work closely with FinDock to bring Swedish payment methods into their existing suite of offerings. This includes popular methods such as Autogiro, SWISH, and PostGirot/BankGirot, on top of already available Credit Card and PayPal payments. All natively managed on the Salesforce platform. By adding these popular payment methods, Save the Children allows its donors to choose their preferred payment option. 

Replacing Legacy Systems

Save the Children Sweden recognizes the need to replace outdated legacy systems with a modern, efficient solution. Salesforce and FinDock offer the ideal framework to streamline their operations. Which will help Save the Children innovate and modernize their fundraising efforts. 

Enhancing Customer 360 View

Achieving a holistic view of their donors is essential for personalized communication. By adopting Salesforce and FinDock, Save the Children Sweden can ensure that each donor interaction is tailored to their unique preferences and history. By including payment data in their Customer 360, Save the Children is able to hyper personalize their donor journey.

Strong Track Record and strategic partnership 

Save the Children members across the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Germany are already benefiting from FinDock’s Payments on Salesforce solution. This expansion further solidifies the successful partnership between Save the Children and FinDock.

Product Over Custom Build

Choosing FinDock reflects a strategic decision to opt for a robust, pre-built solution rather than investing in a custom-built system, ensuring scalability and efficiency. 

The future

Save the Children Sweden is committed to a bright future with Salesforce and FinDock. A quote from Save the Children expresses their dedication to the journey ahead.

“By choosing Salesforce and FinDock, we are aligning our organization with modern solutions that will not only help us improve our current operations but also support our mission of bettering the lives of children in need,” said Robert Katic, CIO at Save the Children Sweden.

Quote from Bas Visser, CEO of FinDock: “We are delighted to expand our collaboration with Save the Children Sweden. Building on the success of Save the Children NL, Save the Children DE, and Save the Children UK as FinDock customers, we look forward to helping Save the Children Sweden achieve their goals and extend these benefits to other organizations in Sweden.

As Save the Children expands its horizons and introduces Swedish payment solutions with the support of Salesforce and FinDock, it demonstrates a commitment to innovation and excellence, aiming to make an even greater impact on the lives of children in need. This expansion also signals to partners and customers in Sweden that FinDock is now an essential player in the market, delivering exceptional solutions for nonprofit organizations and beyond.

FinDock for fundraising

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