Four best practices for insurance payment management in Salesforce

Robbert Douma
March 14, 2024

In our previous blog post, we delved into the significance of managing payments within Salesforce for the insurance sector. Building on that foundation, we now present four practical use cases that not only demonstrate best practices but also spotlight the unique advantages FinDock brings to insurance companies.

1. Streamlining Premium Collection Directly From Within Salesforce

The challenge of disjointed and inflexible legacy systems for premium collection is a common plight among insurance companies. This often leads to fragmented systems and scattered customer information.

A leading UK-based global insurer approached us with a crucial need: to automate their payment processing within Salesforce. FinDock’s solution transformed their operations, enabling a seamless end-to-end process from premium collection to final payment—all within Salesforce.

By automating the premium collection process, FinDock helps to significantly reduce manual tasks, enhancing efficiency, and boosting customer satisfaction. Insurers gain real-time insights into transactions, enabling better and faster communication with clients. This comprehensive approach ensures a smoother customer experience and operational excellence.

2. Automated Payouts for Claims

Handling claim payouts can be cumbersome. With FinDock, this process is simplified and automated. Once a claim is approved in Salesforce, FinDock takes over, ensuring the payment is processed and dispatched to the customer promptly, utilizing the SEPA Credit Transfer scheme.

This automation streamlines workflows, speeds up operations, and elevates customer service. Insurance firms can provide real-time updates on claim statuses, improving transparency and trust. The fact that FinDock is native within your Salesforce CRM environment means information can be readily available to customers through a customer portal, utilizing Salesforce Experience Cloud, enhancing their overall experience.

3. Proactive Missed Payment Management

Missed payments present a dual challenge: financial loss for the insurer and coverage gaps for the customer. Utilizing FinDock for automated dunning processes can mitigate these issues effectively meaning you’ll have happier customers and guarantee more revenue.

FinDock provides the tools to support automated retries and alternative payment methods, minimizing coverage lapses and maintaining positive customer relations. For example, you can set up the system to recollect three business days later — and if the second or third attempt fails, you can have the system send an email to the customer providing an alternative payment method such as a one-time card payment.

4. Efficient Reconciliation of Incoming Payments

Insurance companies often face the challenge of managing various payment methods and ensuring accurate tracking of all transactions. Some customers will prefer direct debit, but others like to transfer their premium every month, or pay via card. FinDock excels in reconciling bank payments with outstanding premiums, offering a streamlined solution.

With FinDock’s native Salesforce integration, insurers have a complete and up-to-date view of every customer profile no matter how they’ve paid, ensuring accurate follow-ups and minimizing the risk of overlooking successful payments. This unified view of transactions fosters operational efficiency and ensures a single source of data directly within your CRM.

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