Meet the team: Jorrit Droogsma, Engineering Lead

January 29, 2024

What’s it like to be an Engineering lead at FinDock? What makes this job special? Jorrit Droogsma shares his experience!

“We’re in it together”

“What I like about being an engineer at FinDock is that we’ve built a product from scratch and continue to expand it,” says Jorrit. Nine years ago, he switched from consultancy to development — a decision he’s happy with to this day. “I get to do a variety of things: check the correctness of code, analyze the product at the overarching level, and ensure smooth collaboration between our team members.”

Jorrit particularly likes the can-do attitude that characterizes the company culture: “Like everyone else, we encounter problems, both as individuals and as an organization. But we join forces and tackle whatever roadblock is in front of us. We’re in it together, and that’s one of the elements of FinDock’s culture that keeps me here.”

“Knock on any co-worker’s door, and they’ll open up”

Another aspect of FinDock that stands out to Jorrit is the way people are treated. To illustrate what he means, he shares an example: “Back in 2015, I really wanted to attend Dreamforce. The problem was, I had a fear of flying. Our founder Bas went out of his way to help me step onto that plane and check two boxes on my bucket list: attend Dreamforce and go to New York. I’m so grateful for that experience.”

Jorrit concludes, “A job is so much more than the tasks you complete on a daily basis. What’s great about FinDock is that it’s grown significantly in the past nine years, but it has preserved that start-up feeling. Knock on any co-worker’s door, and they’ll open up.”

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