Meet the team: Marc Hooghiemstra, Senior Product Engineer

January 29, 2024

What’s it like to be a Product Engineer at FinDock? What makes this job special? Marc Hooghiemstra shares his experience!

“It’s exciting to help lots of people across the globe”

“You can be a developer everywhere, but in most cases you’ll work on things you feel detached from,” says Marc. What he likes about his current job is that he gets to work on FinDock’s own product: “There’s a sense of pride in creating such a great product. Generally, we get good feedback from our users. And it’s exciting to help lots of people across the globe with a relatively small team. We’re making a tangible impact.”

“I loved contributing to facilitating Oxfam’s goals”

One customer Marc really enjoyed working with was Oxfam. He explains, “It was such a great project. I mostly focused on implementing the solution. What I loved about it was that I contributed to facilitating their goals. It was a bit like putting together a puzzle, working closely with our partner, Salesforce and the customer to get everything working smoothly. To finally see them go live and handle payments with our system made me very happy!”

“My co-workers are highly qualified and feel like family”

Marc used to be a consultant — a far cry from his current job. “As a consultant, you work on a project for several months, and then everyone goes their separate ways. You can’t create genuine connections. Being a product engineer at FinDock means engaging in an ongoing effort to improve a great product. And the people you get to do it with are amazing: my co-workers are not only highly qualified, but they also feel like family.”

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