Meet the team: Jos Vlaar, Salesforce developer

January 25, 2024

What’s it like to be a Salesforce developer at FinDock? What makes this job special? Jos Vlaar shares his two cents!

“We push the boundaries of Salesforce development”

“On a day-to-day basis, I write lots of integrations with other systems, such as Stripe,” says Jos. But if you ask him, it’s another element that makes his job stand out: “Our team members join forces to tackle interesting technical challenges. Rather than staying at the surface, we dive into things to see if we can push the boundaries of Salesforce development and other technologies we use, such as PHP.”

Jos also praises the team at a broader level: “We have a clear roadmap that allows us to work in two-week sprints. Everyone has their own tasks, and collaboration is smooth. What’s great about FinDock is that your preferences are taken into account. For example, there was a time when I constantly completed smaller, unfinished tasks. When I said I preferred to take on a bigger project, I got to sink my teeth into payments in Sweden during the next few sprint. I absolutely enjoyed that. It shows that FinDock really listens to you and helps you contribute your bit in the way you like.”

“We create something useful together”

Before joining FinDock, Jos worked as a consultant. Does he like his current position better? “Definitely,” he says. “If you’re tech-savvy, consultancy doesn’t offer many opportunities for growth. You do have to deal with lots of sales and management tasks, as well as organizational politics. I don’t really like those things.”

At FinDock, everyone is on the same page, which makes for a great team spirit. Jos explains, “After defining our goal, we get to work and create something useful together. And the company culture is very pleasant. You don’t disappear in the crowd. Here, you always feel seen and heard, and you can really make a difference.”

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