Wunderbricks: enhancing property management through strategic FinDock partnership

January 18, 2024

A streamlined property management platform: that’s our partner Wunderbricks in a nutshell. This official Salesforce ISV and OEM partner allows property owners, -managers, governments and large enterprises to digitize their entire portfolio — from rental agreements and technical management to finance and CRM.

Wunderbricks aims to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. To achieve that goal, it has built its entire solution on Salesforce. Co-founder and director Tim van der Plaats says, “Salesforce is a fantastic CRM. But tailoring your CRM to your needs always takes time, which many businesses lack. We’ve created a turnkey package for property management including the entire payment management process by FinDock, so businesses can go live with Salesforce and leverage all the benefits of an end-to-end solution right away.”

Reinout van Dijk (Sales business development) adds, “We’re a SaaS product on top of an already great SaaS product. Salesforce is the number one CRM in the world, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.” 

Fully integrated Salesforce solution: “We want to bring innovation to a field that really needs it”

From day one, Wunderbricks has embraced one philosophy: Focus on what you’re good at. It wants to offer customers a complete solution, but not by building everything in-house. That’s why a partnership with partner-first company FinDock is right up the company’s alley.

“Payments are essential to our customers,” Tim explains. “2 to 4 percent of tenants don’t pay their rent on time. If a housing corporation manages thousands of houses, that adds up. They will want to be on top of things. Usually, the problem is that the process is lagging. Suppose you try to collect rent on the 25th of the month, but a tenant doesn’t have enough money in the bank. One week later, your second attempt fails, too. We’re already talking significant delays, then. In this day and age, you can and should be more proactive — for example, by sending out automated emails and providing tenants with a payment link after the first attempt to collect rent.”

To help businesses streamline processes like these, Wunderbricks has incorporated FinDock into its solution. The result: a fully integrated Salesforce solution where they can manage everything related to their tenants and stakeholders.

What about an ERP system, though? Tim says, “As it turns out, many of Wunderbricks’ customers don’t require a full-fledged ERP system. They simply want to manage payments in Wunderbricks. But the truth is, the property management market is fairly traditional in its way of working. So, we want to bring innovation to a field that really needs it.”

“We’ve ensured all relevant data sources are in one place: their trusted Salesforce CRM,” Reinout explains. “Swift communications between tenants, owners, and suppliers are crucial in this market. Wunderbricks enables users to quickly retrieve all technical, financial, and commercial data, so their processes go smoothly and fast.”

One overview, real-time insight, and less error-prone processes: “With FinDock, we can pull it off”

Why did Wunderbricks decide to join forces with FinDock? According to Tim, both companies are on the same page: “Businesses opt to work with Wunderbricks because we have thorough knowledge of the property management market and stay on top of things, which results in continuous development. FinDock has a similar approach. They have an impressive track record and are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to payment processes. And we both possess in-depth knowledge of Salesforce. So, neither of us has to reinvent the wheel.”

As a result, Wunderbricks has been able to double down on achieving its objectives.

“We want landlords to receive payments fast and tenants to be happy with the process,” Tim says. “With FinDock, we can pull that off. Our customers have real-time insight into their processes. And since they have a clear overview of all payment-related activities in Salesforce, processes are much less error-prone.”

Tim provides an example: “In property management, many tickets are handled in Excel sheets and via email. If that’s your process, it can get messy. Say, a tenant hasn’t paid their rent in the past three months. Suddenly, they decide to pay the entire amount at once. You’ve got three outstanding payments, but you’ll receive one amount. To complicate the matter, the tenant may transfer a few euros more, which means you have to refund a small amount. If you use Excel sheets, you’ll likely lose track of things. But with Wunderbricks and FinDock, you can retrieve and update all information in Salesforce.”

On top of that, there’s a high degree of flexibility. “You can adapt the system to fit your needs,” says Reinout. Tim explains FinDock can handle a common practice in property management: “Usually, tenants can only pay using the bank account that’s registered under their name. FinDock allows businesses to check if people adhere to this rule.”

Full steam ahead: “We can offer customers a solution that virtually knows no borders”

If you ask Wunderbricks, their collaboration with FinDock is a success. “They’re a great brainstorming partner,” says Tim. “Communication is open, so we can give each other great feedback. Everyone is enthusiastic, so we reinforce each other.”

All this means that Wunderbricks has laid a strong foundation for realizing its ambitions. Tim says, “Currently, we’re rolling out our product at large Dutch companies that have an international presence. After that, we want to cross borders.”

“Salesforce will definitely facilitate that,” says Reinout. “It’s a global solution, so we can easily expand.”

Tim adds:

“Many companies work with local software but want to operate in different countries. We can make that happen because Wunderbricks is built on Salesforce — and since FinDock is native to Salesforce, we can offer customers an end-to-end solution that virtually knows no borders! In this way, we can bring payments from the back office to the front office..”

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