The Three Pillars Of Inbound Payment Data

Aard-Jan van Kesteren
November 30, 2020

If you haven’t already, check out the blog post from FinDock CTO Aard-Jan van Kesteren about the value of payment data and how it can be harvested.

Your CRM is only as good as your data. Yet amazingly, there is a source of high quality, structured, readily available, and directly actionable data that remains mostly untapped. Having payment data right in the heart of Salesforce significantly increases the value of any CRM implementation.

A big part of what we do with FinDock is about enabling organisations to achieve just that: having all payment data, no matter the source, right in the core of Salesforce. To fully unlock the value of payment data, you can allow system admins to access any Salesforce tool to gain further insights, create personalised payment journeys, increase loyalty, and much more. System admins should be empowered to be agile and creative in using payment data, without having to worry about breaking payment flows or staying within Salesforce limits.

Read the full post on the blog.