Time to spread our wings! FinDock expands into the US

Dan Kingsley
September 26, 2023

FinDock is spreading its wings to cross the Atlantic! Having set the gold standard for donation payment management native to Salesforce in Europe, we are ready for the next step: expansion into the US. In typical FinDock style, we’re jumping in feet first: as you read this, work on our exciting new chapter is already in full swing. Why? Because we can’t wait to revolutionize payment management for nonprofits in the US and help your Nonprofit increase its impact.

Discover a new era in nonprofit fundraising with FinDock’s reliable payment management, 360-degree donor insights, and extensive nonprofit experience. FinDock is flexible, adaptable, and ready to revolutionize your fundraising efforts in the United States. Read all about the benefits of FinDock for US nonprofits below.

Reliable payment management in one place: Salesforce

US nonprofits that use Salesforce or are planning on making the switch will now greatly benefit from the powerful combination with FinDock. They’ll no longer have to look for an off-platform solution to manage all payments and donations.

With FinDock, you have a reliable, proven Salesforce solution that is used by many nonprofits of all sizes across the globe. FinDock has a track record of 250+ customers and 250+ trained consultants. In the past 12 months, more than 60 million transactions have been processed. So, nonprofits can trust that FinDock will meet their payment management needs.

In the words of Sascha Gomringer, database manager at Unicef, “With Salesforce and FinDock we don’t need to move between systems. This helps us save time and energy and really improves the user experience for our team.”

A 360-degree view of donors and donations

With the launch of Nonprofit Cloud and the end of the Elevate, Salesforce is enthusiastic about our expansion into the US. We’ve successfully onboarded Jessica, and we’re fully prepared to embark on this exciting journey.

While most fundraising payment management solutions are off platform, ours is native to Salesforce. That means users can leverage all Salesforce functionalities. If a payment fails, you’ll see it in Salesforce, which is the source of all donor data. That’s a major advantage, since it allows you to take timely action and work on retention.

On top of that, we’re well-versed in recurring payments and one-time donations and we can help with offline payments. So, it’s possible to trace all donations back to a donor. If, for example, a donor decides to transfer an additional amount in between their recurring donations, you’ll be able to see that in Salesforce and personalize your thank-you message.

Briefly put, you can use FinDock to manage payments from A to Z.

FinDock’s customers love having a 360-degree view of donors and donations. Jeroen Beelen, data and marketing automation manager at Save the Children, says, “We can see the donation income per month, per supplier, per age group, per payment method, at the campaign level. We want to reach donors on the channels which best resonate with them and to create personalized engagements with them — Salesforce and FinDock help us do this.”

Flexible enough to meet nonprofits’ needs

Nonprofits’ requirements tend to vary. From child sponsorships to membership forms: FinDock can meet all their needs because of its flexible architecture and solution. Built for the nonprofit sector — with a mission of helping those doing good in this world — FinDock also offers compelling pricing, including giving all registered Nonprofits 12,000 free transactions per year! This enables nonprofits to direct funds toward their causes.

Combining cost-effectiveness with efficiency, FinDock can’t wait to empower US nonprofits and help them increase focus on their core tasks. Time and timing are crucial in this sector, and we understand that like no other.

In the words of Stuart Midgley, head of CRM at Oxfam GB, “Prior to FinDock and Salesforce, resolving monthly exceptions would take weeks of effort by our Data Processing Team. These activities are now completed within 24 hours resulting in improved supporter care and more reliable and up-to-date data.”

A game-changing endeavor

FinDock is excited to make its grand entrance into the US market. We look forward to collaborating with passionate individuals who want to make a difference. We hope to join you on your journey to increasing your fundraising efforts with Salesforce and FinDock. 

Did we inspire you and you want to learn more? Just get in touch, we’re happy to talk!