Transitioning Acceptgiro users to new methods with FinDock

September 1, 2022
As you’re probably aware, after June 2023, donations made via Acceptgiro will no longer be accepted, meaning that nonprofit organizations will be thinking about how they can adapt fundraising and donation collection so that they can continue raising funds from donors who were using Acceptgiro.

The team at FinDock has put together a suggested three step process which could make that transition easier, and also included some ideas of ways you might better engage with donors.

Step 1: Identify which donors are using Acceptgiro

It’s relatively easy to identify donors who have been donating with Acceptgiro in Salesforce with FinDock, because every time you upload a bank file to Salesforce, FinDock identifies the type of transaction (or payment method) based on specific codes. We then store this code in a field called reported payment method code, which can be found on the transaction record.
Create a report on the Transaction object
1. Apply a filter based on Reported Payment Method
2. Set to only show the transactions collected using Acceptgiro
946 or N946
134 or 80
Triodos bank
AC or AN

Step 2: Inform your donors about what’s happening

While some donors may be aware that Acceptgiro will no longer be accepted, others will not. Getting in touch with supporters who have preferred to use Acceptgiro serves two purposes: 1 – to inform donors of the situation, and 2 – to ask them if they have an alternative donation payment preference. This information will make it easier for you to plan and select the most popular payment channels and methods for your audience.

How to get in touch with donors:

Phone: If you have phone numbers for your donors, a call is a great way to get in touch and ask them directly (giving them options) which way they would prefer to donate. You can then store this information in their contact record in Salesforce.
woman on phone to charity

Call your donors and see which Acceptgiro alternative they prefer before sending new offers

Direct mail: Likewise, if you have a donor’s address, you can send an information sheet via direct mail with a return form that includes different donation methods they can select as an alternative option to Acceptgiro. You might also include a QR code with a link to a form where they can choose which way they would like to donate in the future.

Email or SMS: Email and SMS serve a similar purpose. However, here you might link to a page on your website with full text and information. You can include a form with preferred donation options on the landing page too.

Step 3: Test new donation channels and methods

The size of your donor audience that uses Acceptgiro should help you decide how much time, planning and testing to put into new donation channels and methods, however, we always recommend trying at least a few.

If you would like to try and convert your donors to become regular/ recurring donors, this is a great opportunity to do also.

Below, we’ve listed a number of alternative ways to capture donations (either one-time or recurring) that might be a suitable replacement for Acceptgiro at your organization.

Offline methods

  • Direct Mail – Direct Debit Authorization: You can send donors a return form direct mail which includes a direct debit authorization slip which they then send back to you. Alternatively, you could include a QR code that links to an online form where they can submit a direct debit authorization.
  • Direct Mail – Bank Transfer/One-time: Similar to the previous option, you could use direct mail to send monthly/ quarterly donation requests via bank transfer or a QR link to an online donation page.
  • Phone Call – Direct Debit Authorization: You can call your donors and take their bank details over the phone or alternatively send them a link in a follow up email/ SMS. This information should be captured in Salesforce and then you can include them in your direct debit run.

Online methods

  • Email/ SMS – Giving Page: You can email or text donors asking them to become a regular giver or to make a one-time donation. You can even send them a link to a pre-filled form using FinDock Giving Pages.
screenshot of pre-filled giving page

With FinDock you can build personalized and pre-filled donation pages for your supporters’ convenience

  • Email/ SMS – Tikkie: Similarly, you could email or text donors regularly asking them to make a one-time donation via Tikkie.
Additional information about features and methods listed:

  • Pre-filled Giving Pages: With FinDock Giving Pages, you can create and launch on-brand payment pages and forms with integrated payment processing from Salesforce in a few hours. FinDock Giving Pages also allows you to personalize the donor experience by pre-filling form fields with donor information. Learn more
  • QR Codes: QR codes are a convenient way for donors to access online resources via offline channels – like direct mail or printed posted/signage. To make a QR code, you start with a URL of where you want to send your donor to. Once you have your QR code, you can then use a QR generator to make the QR code. There are options available on the AppExchange or simply use a free online service (a quick Google search will offer many options).
  • Tikkie: Tikkies are QR codes or URLs that direct users to make a payment through iDEAL and the user’s own bank. Tikkies can be used in all types of channels for a wide range of purposes. Tikkies can be sent through the Tikkie app, social media apps, email, SMS, printed, etc. Learn more

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