What can a partnership with FinDock do for you and your customers?

Dan Kingsley
February 15, 2024
“What’s it like to partner with FinDock?” It’s a question we often get. FinDock has lots of great partners, who over the years have worked together with us to deliver huge benefits to our customers. But there’s always room for more partners that want to join forces with us. Together, we can revolutionize your projects by seamlessly orchestrating the world of payments from the heart of the customer profile within Salesforce CRM.

An increasing number of partners have embarked on this joint mission. Are you interested in providing this type of solution to your customers, too? Read on to find out what a partnership with FinDock looks like.

Partner empowerment: building success through joint effort

There’s no ‘I’ in team: it’s a bit cliché, but that doesn’t make it less true. We believe partnerships are a joint effort. We want to help you best serve your customers by providing them with a complete solution. To us, success means that you and your customers feel supported every step of the way — from completing demos to implementing the solution and sharing success stories.

As payments are an ingredient in a bigger, Salesforce-based project, we rely on partners to implement our solution and to guide the customer on the overall solution. It’s through our partners that we bring FinDock to end customers. So when we say we put our partners first, we mean it. And we put our money where our mouths are. For example, we provide extensive free training as part of our Academy. And when partners give us feedback, we listen and make improvements.

Fully native solution: an expansion of Salesforce’s capabilities

Besides the fact that we value close partnerships, our partners choose to work with us because our product comes with significant benefits for customers. FinDock allows them to manage their payments end to end from the Salesforce platform. They can handle common bank files and regional payment methods. And since FinDock is fully native on the Salesforce platform, it’s an expansion of the platform’s capabilities.

Whether you choose to use FinDock to solve a single payment requirement – like handling offline card payments via our virtual terminal – or if you choose to handle all online, offline, one-time and recurring payments in Salesforce, FinDock can help! Bringing all your payments into Salesforce -the same place where all their customers’ data is stored.

findock partnership

What to expect from a partnership: our 3-stage process

Suppose you’ve contacted us for a demo, we’ve discussed your and our contributions to the ecosystem, we’ve explained how FinDock can tackle your questions and challenges regarding payments, and we both feel a partnership will be fruitful.

Let’s have a closer look at the process that follows. What happens once you’ve decided to partner with FinDock? To give you a rough idea, we’ll briefly discuss the three stages we usually go through with new partners.

1. Sales

While you have your own sales process, there are all types of resources available that can help you solve your customer’s requirements. If you need to answer complex questions relating to FinDock or the world of payments, we’re happy to support you and share our in-depth knowledge of FinDock and Salesforce. If required, we can also create targeted content and help prepare a demo. And if you prefer us to join you when presenting to the prospect, that’s an option, too.

2. Implementation

Once a new project kicks off, you’ll be dealing with our Customer Success Team, who will organize an onboarding call. Our team members keep in close touch with you and the customer throughout the implementation process and are there to help make the customer successful.

If you run into questions or issues, you can rely on our Support Team (incidentally, most requests are included in the license fee). We’ve also created an extensive knowledge base and various self-paced or instructor-led training courses for our partners.

3. After the implementation

At this stage, you and your customer are all set: now that you’ve laid a solid foundation, the Salesforce sky’s the limit. Since FinDock is native to Salesforce, you can easily leverage all the other options the CRM has to offer — from Marketing Cloud to Experience Cloud. And as a partner, you can of course implement these for your customer.

What partners get: the benefits at a glance
  • Registered Partner badge
  • Sales and marketing resources
  • Eligible for joint marketing and customer success stories
  • Free consultant training and demo licenses
  • Inclusion in our website partner listing (once you’ve had at least one successful implementation)
  • Regular roadmap updates

Want to explore partnership options or get started? Contact us to schedule an introductory call and discuss the opportunities.