Why native payments on Salesforce are key for nonprofit success

Jessica Hood
February 5, 2024
Having over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit space, I can safely say there’s a shift happening right now. Economic conditions are changing and the landscape is increasingly competitive. Now more than ever, nonprofit organizations need to get the right message in front of the right donor. To do so, they should double down on working as efficiently as possible.

By improving data quality and gaining better insight into donors, they can raise funds more effectively. That’s why this is the perfect time to embrace native payments on Salesforce: they provide much more value.

The power of managing all processes in one place

First, let’s discuss what native payments on Salesforce entail. Through FinDock, you can handle all online, offline, one-time, and recurring donations in your trusted CRM, Salesforce. Managing all of your donation processes in one place (where your team is already familiar working) will deliver wonders in terms of efficiency.

First of all, you’re leveraging more benefits of Salesforce, the platform you’ve already invested in, and you no longer have to rely on other systems. It’s a huge timesaver that will help your team achieve better results. And once you manage all of your payments in Salesforce, you can use other features, such as automation and journeys.
Working within your unified data model in Salesforce, you’ll have a better overview, as you can run end-to-end payment processes in Salesforce using FinDock. This comes with significant benefits for your organization. As Greenpeace puts it, “Salesforce and FinDock offer us more opportunities for the future; to better understand our donors and target them in ways that will result in increased regular income.”

In the words of Save the Children, “We’ve reduced our direct debit fails by 60% since using FinDock. If something happens with a direct debit, we start a journey with a donor, informing them that the direct debit has failed and requesting if we can get in touch.”

Better insights are worth their weight in gold

Statistics further reveal the positive impact of using the powerful combination of Salesforce and FinDock. A recent snapshot shows that FinDock users report a 169% increase in user satisfaction, a 156% improvement in data quality, and a 150% improvement in donor insight.

Since they have payment data in Salesforce, they benefit from a complete 360 degree view. As a result, teams spend less time on manual data management tasks and collaborate better. This can at least in part be attributed to the fact that 91% of FinDock users gain better donor insights — the starting point for delivering improved experiences that convert and increase the donor lifetime value. FinDock makes donor transactional data accessible across teams, so they can use insights to make better decisions and engage with donors more intentionally.

CBM Cristian Blind Mission, too, targets the right audiences using enhanced donor segmentation: “With Salesforce and FinDock, it’s easier to run donor segmentations,” says Alexander. “We segment based on the donor giving history and this makes it easier to target the right people.”

Salesforce + FinDock = enhanced value proposition for partners

Not only nonprofit organizations can reap the benefits from native payments on Salesforce. The combination of Salesforce and FinDock is also great for partners, as it helps them enhance their value proposition. They no longer have to offer a partial solution (a wonderful CRM, Salesforce, combined with a third-party payment management solution that usually requires integration). Instead, they’re able to create a complete solution, thus better meeting their customers’ demands.

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