FinDock for Nonprofit Cloud

Now you can control and optimize the entire payment journey in Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud Product Sheet

Powering Payments in Nonprofit Cloud

FinDock connects the world of payments to the Nonprofit Cloud so that organizations like yours can benefit from unified and enriched CRM data, centralized operations, deeper insights and optimization, and increased stakeholder personalization, engagement and follow-up. 


Giving pages & forms

Easily create high converting landing pages and payment forms to collect donations/ fees/ payments from inside your Salesforce org.

Payment integrations & processing

Connect front-end payment capture to back-end processing. Configure and manage all payment processing in Salesforce.

Multi-channel payment experiences

Engage with supporters on their preferred channels & optimize the payment experience & follow up to capture more value.

Payment insights & operations

Understand supporter payment preferences and payment processor performance. Optimize to increase conversion and reduce costs.

Nonprofit Cloud is an end-to-end solution enabling nonprofits to manage fundraising, program management, grants management and outcomes in one system. FinDock powers payments across Nonprofit Cloud as one of the community design partners at Salesforce.

With Salesforce and FinDock we don’t need to move between systems, this helps us save time and energy and really improves the user experience for our team.
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FinDock for Nonprofit Cloud – Features

FinDock for Nonprofit Cloud is available for Nonprofit Cloud Enterprise and Unlimited Edition. Please get in touch with us for a demo or a detailed price breakdown.

*Payment Processors currently supported by FinDock are Adyen, Axerve, Buckaroo,, GoCardless, Mollie, PayPal, Redsys, SmartDebit, Stripe, Six-Saferpay, Tikkie, and Worldpay. For a full list of methods see FinDock Docs. You can add extra processors to your Edition for an additional monthly fee of €75.


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