€2 billion per year processed through FinDock on Salesforce
December 1, 2022

In the last 12 months, FinDock has seen considerable growth in transactions processed through its native Salesforce application.

Woerden, The Netherlands, December 1, 2022:

Since launching its native payments management platform in 2019, FinDock has experienced significant growth. In the last 12 months, the number of transactions processed through the platform reached 50 million, representing more than €2 billion. 

This growth has been driven through its strong customer base, continuous product innovation, and a deeper partnership with, as the European Nonprofit Cloud payments partner.

But what does 50 million transactions per year mean?

Among other use cases, FinDock customers use the platform to process online and offline payments. With FinDock, it’s also possible to reconcile payments imported to Salesforce from banks and additional sources, which means there is always a single source of truth in your Salesforce org.

1. FinDock Payment Processing – 32.5 million transactions (last 12 months)

FinDock enables organizations to connect to a growing number of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) in Salesforce, making it easier to offer customers or supporters their preferred ways to pay. Customers can also use FinDock’s self- managed Direct Debit solution, giving them complete control over the entire process, and enabling them to directly debit using their own bank.

2. FinDock Bank Statement Matching & Reconciliation – 17.5 million transactions (last 12 months)

Of course, there are other ways customers accept and manage payments, and it’s important that this data can also be accessed in Salesforce. With FinDock’s powerful reconciliation engine, customers are able to import and match data from any source which means transactional data is always connected to the contact/ customer/ donor data.

We have to thank our incredible customers for trusting us and pushing the platform to reach new volume limits. We’re pleased to be the leading payments platform for nonprofits using Salesforce, and looking forward to seeing how we can support new industries in 2023.

About FinDock:

FinDock is a Salesforce native app that unlocks payments on the Salesforce platform. As payment methods and channels diversify, organizations need to be agile in order to meet supporter demands now and in the future. FinDock supports them in doing this.

With a robust payments architecture and user-centered tools to control end-to-end payments management, FinDock enables any organization to capture, process, and reconcile all payments directly in Salesforce. 

FinDock ensures your data is unified and actionable in Salesforce which means you’ll not only be able to achieve operational efficiencies but also deliver more meaningful and impactful supporter experiences.

For more information, go to:

Salesforce AppExchange: FinDock