Battersea selects FinDock for managing large-volume donations on Salesforce

Chantal van Mourik
August 21, 2023

Leading animal welfare charity, Battersea, has started a digital transformation project across all areas of their organisation to streamline its operations and enhance its ability to support the cats and dogs in its care. To achieve this, Battersea has partnered with Salesforce, the number 1 CRM platform, and FinDock, the leading solution for Direct Debit, Bank Statement Matching and Gift Aid management. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionise how Battersea handles its extensive network of regular givers and ensures seamless, efficient, and secure processing of donations.

Handling Battersea’s large volume donations

For over 160 years, Battersea has offered love and expert care to dogs and cats in need by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals across their three centres and helping thousands more through their Communities programme, campaigning work, supporting other rescue centres and animal welfare advocates, and sharing knowledge and advice with other rescues and pet owners. 

The charity is reliant on the generosity of the public to continue to fund their vital work to help dogs and cats everywhere and with over 200,000 regular givers providing crucial support to Battersea’s charitable cause, a robust and efficient direct debit solution is essential. After careful evaluation, Battersea selected FinDock as its preferred solution for managing large-volume Direct Debit and Gift Aid claims. The platform automates the payment process, ensuring that transactions occur on time, reducing administrative burdens, and providing a convenient experience for donors. Additionally, FinDock’s integration with Salesforce enables seamless reconciliation of donations, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Battersea’s digital transformation project is progressing steadily, with exciting next steps and long-term objectives on the horizon. Ciara Bosworth, Data Strategy Programme Director at Battersea, shares her insights on the project’s progress and future outlook:

“We are pleased to have taken onboard FinDock to provide our financial processing solution as part of our digital transformation initiative. The collaboration between Salesforce and FinDock has formed an integral part of our project and we look forward to our ongoing partnership which is supporting Battersea to be here for dogs and cats everywhere.”


At the moment the project is well underway. We’re excited to support Battersea on their journey and see their impact grow. Once Battersea has gone live after summer we’ll share more about the impact they are making with Salesforce and FinDock.

FinDock for fundraising

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