Custom domains for Giving Pages

Chantal van Mourik
September 22, 2022
FinDock is pleased to announce the introduction of custom domains for FinDock Giving Pages. This new feature allows FinDock customers to add their own domain to donation pages built in Salesforce and hosted for free by FinDock.

Nonprofits today face many challenges to acquire new donors online, including increased competition and changing channel preferences. One way to increase conversion and help to ensure new donor acquisition is to increase trust, credibility, SEO and to remain on-brand; adding a custom domain to your Giving Pages will support you in achieving all four of these.

FinDock Giving Pages already makes it possible for nonprofits to create fully branded donation pages with integrated payments in less than a few hours, directly from their Salesforce environment.

“With the introduction of custom domains for Giving Pages, our customers can level up their digital fundraising by truly customizing their landing pages,” says Laurens Wapenaar, Product Manager FinDock. “It might seem like a relatively small change for some, but for nonprofits who are trying to build trust, it’s a very powerful feature which we’re very pleased to now offer.”

Getting started FinDock Giving Pages custom domains:

Like all features, custom domains can be switched on in your Salesforce environment within a few clicks. Please check out the custom domains documentation for a detailed overview. 

If you’re not yet a FinDock customer but would like to learn more – please reach out to our team of advisors

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With a robust payments architecture and user-centered tools to control end-to-end payments management, FinDock enables any organization to capture, process, and reconcile all payments directly in Salesforce. 

FinDock ensures your data is unified and actionable in Salesforce which means you’ll not only be able to achieve operational efficiencies but also deliver more meaningful and impactful supporter experiences.

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