FinDock launches Demo App for Salesforce and Partners

Peter van der Meij
April 3, 2024

We’re super excited to announce that our new Demo App is live. This new App is designed to streamline the process of setting up a demo environment for Salesforce Solution Engineers (SEs) and System Integrator (SI) partners in just 5 minutes.

Over the last years we’ve demonstrated FinDock hundreds of times alongside Salesforce Solution Engineers and SI partners. We truly love demoing. But what we love even more, is seeing our amazing partners demo FinDock. We have witnessed firsthand the enthusiasm for showcasing the capabilities of FinDock, and therefore we’re really excited to take the next step in facilitating the demo solution and empower our partners within the ecosystem even better.  

As effortless as possible

We want to provide our partners with the tools they need to effectively demonstrate the value of FinDock. With the introduction of the Demo App, we aim to make the demo setup process as effortless as possible, allowing partners to seamlessly integrate FinDock into their Salesforce demo Org. Within the FinDock Demo App it’s not only possible to demo FinDock but it also includes specific story tracks. This makes it even easier to demo FinDock.

How to get the FinDock demo App

It’s as easy as following the steps on this page or watching the installation video. For Salesforce Solution Engineers or projects involving Salesforce SEs, it’s even easier to install the Demo App. As FinDock is the first ISV that’s being accessible in the Salesforce Qbrick IDO, it’s as simple as navigating to the FinDock Qbrick IDO and installing the Demo app from there.

Offering end-to-end demonstrations with ease

With the Demo App, setting up the demo environment becomes straightforward, bringing the full spectrum of FinDock’s capabilities to life and enabling partners to offer end-to-end demonstrations with ease. Of course we’re still happy to assist with setting up your demo environment, creating a specific customer demo or assisting with a live demonstration.

Some preview users already experienced the FinDock Demo App and are happy with what they’ve experienced so far. 

“FinDock has done the heavy lifting and all we need to do is click. Adding FinDock into the Salesforce Nonprofit IDO makes our story that much easy to tell.”  

– Tara Pawlowski, Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce

The launch of the FinDock Demo App reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and the support we want to offer to our partners. By providing our partners with a user-friendly tool for demo setup, we are empowering them to deliver more impactful demo’s and drive greater adoption of FinDock’s solutions within the market.

Get the Demo App

Ready to streamline your FinDock demo setup? Get the FinDock Demo App.