FinDock welcomes Idealist Consulting as a new registered partner to empower international nonprofits

March 19, 2024

FinDock, a leading provider of Salesforce-native payment management solutions, is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with Idealist Consulting. This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing the support available for diverse international nonprofits, demonstrating a shared commitment to addressing their unique needs with a tailored approach.

At the core of this partnership lies a shared belief in providing nonprofits with seamless and comprehensive technology solutions. FinDock’s expertise in payment management, which includes multi-currency acceptance and support for various donation methods such as gift aid, credit card, direct debit, and SEPA, perfectly aligns with Idealist Consulting’s mission to deliver customized support to nonprofits globally. By combining FinDock’s automated payment processing with Idealist Consulting’s guidance, organizations can streamline operations and focus more resources on their core mission. FinDock concluded in their recent Customer Impact Report that on average organizations spend about 70% less time on reconciliation when leveraging FinDock tools.

Already engaged in two client projects with international reach, the collaboration between Idealist Consulting and FinDock has proven to be invaluable to the organizations involved. Together, we bring a wealth of expertise to these projects, empowering organizations working on some of the world’s most pressing causes.

Highlights of this partnership include:
  • Over Two Decades of Combined Salesforce Experience

    With FinDock supporting nonprofits with Salesforce for 10 years and Idealist Consulting with over 15 years of experience implementing Salesforce solutions for nonprofits, both teams have the expertise to create custom solutions for nonprofit functions including fundraising, grant management, program management, and more.

  • Support for International Nonprofits

    Fundraising across countries and continents can be challenging, especially due to differences in currencies and payment methods. Both Idealist Consulting and FinDock bring years of experience in helping diverse international organizations optimize their global fundraising initiatives.

  • Holistic Support for Nonprofits

    Idealist Consulting’s commitment to nonprofit values is reflected in its team, which includes many members with backgrounds in nonprofit work. This unique perspective enables them to deeply understand the missions of their clients, reflecting this in process and project management methods.

  • Aligned with Nonprofit Cloud

    Both Idealist Consulting and FinDock have been at the leading edge of Nonprofit Cloud education, and participate in the Nonprofit Cloud design program, ensuring compatibility with Salesforce’s latest offering. This alignment enhances the overall user experience and simplifies adoption for organizations using or migrating to Nonprofit Cloud.

Idealist Consulting and FinDock are eager to extend this collaboration to a broader international community. With our understanding of the complex needs of international organizations, we aim to create a supportive environment for nonprofits to pursue technology innovation, enabling them to navigate their unique challenges and further their impact.

“I’m excited to partner with FinDock! The flexibility of their tool and the knowledge and responsiveness of the FinDock team will serve our mutual clients well”.

– Allie Petrina, Client Success Manager at Idealist Consulting

“I’m thrilled to welcome Idealist Consulting aboard as a Registered Partner. Their proven track record of assisting international nonprofits with a tailored approach brings immense value to our collaboration”.

– Jessica Hood, Director, Nonprofit AMER at FinDock

About Idealist Consulting:

We are a Salesforce Premium Implementation Partner and have been helping nonprofits grow mission impact through technology for over 15 years. We educate, empower, and guide teams through Salesforce, marketing automation, ongoing support, and custom application development projects.

About FinDock:

FinDock is a leading Salesforce native payment solution that streamlines end-to-end payment management, supporting a wide range of payment methods and providers, both online and offline. By adding payment data to the Salesforce CRM, FinDock completes the Customer 360 profile and therefore enables personalized payment experiences and operational efficiencies, making it a valuable tool for organizations looking to optimize their payment processes and enhance user experience.