FinDock welcomes Plative as a new registered partner in the US
February 12, 2024

FinDock, a trailblazer in redefining payment experiences on Salesforce, is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Plative, a leading Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite consulting and implementation partner. This strategic alliance solidifies Plative’s status as an official registered FinDock partner in the United States, enabling businesses to harness the power of seamless payment integration within the Salesforce platform.

Plative, boasting more than 2,000 implementations and a team of global consultants with over 600 Salesforce certifications, is recognized as a top 5% Salesforce partner globally. With a commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes that scale for the future, Plative has partnered with FinDock to empower its clients to provide more value through integrated payment solutions.

At FinDock, we believe that a payment is not just a transaction; it is a valuable opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers. Payments should be seamless, relevant, and personalized, reflecting the vision that the only way to achieve this is by managing payments directly from the Salesforce CRM – completing the customer 360.

“As a pioneer in Salesforce payment solutions, FinDock is delighted to welcome Plative as an official partner in the US. We see tremendous potential in combining Plative’s extensive Salesforce expertise with our innovative payment solutions. Together, we look forward to helping businesses elevate their payment experiences and enhance customer relationships,” said Jessica Hood, Director, Nonprofit AMER at FinDock.

The collaboration with Plative signifies a mutual commitment to delivering exceptional value and a seamless payment experience for businesses seeking to optimize their payment processes. This partnership aligns with FinDock’s mission to transform payments into meaningful interactions that drive customer engagement and business growth.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with FinDock as an official registered partner. The integration of FinDock’s payment solutions with our Salesforce expertise allows us to offer a comprehensive solution to our customers. We believe that managing payments directly from Salesforce is a game-changer for organizations looking to enhance efficiency, increase revenue and customer satisfaction.”


-Tripp Wallace, Alliances Manager at Plative

Together, FinDock and Plative are poised to empower businesses and organizations in North America to leverage the full potential of Salesforce CRM for managing payments. The partnership signifies a commitment to delivering seamless, relevant, and personalized payment solutions that enhance customer relationships and drive success.

About FinDock:

FinDock is a leading provider of payment solutions on Salesforce, dedicated to transforming payments into valuable interactions. With a belief that every payment is an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships, FinDock’s innovative approach ensures seamless, relevant, and personalized payment experiences directly from the Salesforce CRM.

About Plative:

Plative is a global consulting firm delivering innovative solutions across ERP, CRM, and AI. With a team of over 150 consultants and more than 2,000 successful implementations, Plative empowers businesses to achieve their goals through scalable and future-ready solutions. Plative is proudly a Salesforce Summit-tier partner and one of the top Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partners in North America.