FinDock extends its GoCardless integrations offering a complete solution for European nonprofits
January 30, 2023

With FinDock and GoCardless, organisations in Europe can now process SEPA, BACS and bg Autogiro donations through one processor

Woerden, The Netherlands, January 30, 2023: 

FinDock announces the launch of a complete and comprehensive solution to manage payments on Salesforce for European organisations. By implementing bg Autogiro and SEPA direct debit through GoCardless, customers in Europe can now take full advantage of these complex payment mechanisms and manage their entire donation lifecycle on Salesforce. 

Integrating multiple payment methods with different APIs and file formats can become hard to manage, so organizations need a simpler solution to offer the payment methods their donors want.

By extending our GoCardless partnership and offering SEPA and Autogiro direct debit payments, organizations will be able to expand their reach and collect donations in Europe through GoCardless and record those transactions in Salesforce for a 360 view of their payments.

“GoCardless and FinDock eliminate the need for multiple bank accounts in multiple countries, allowing our customers to concentrate on receiving and processing payments rather than managing various payment methods through different banks and processors,” says Stefan van der Knaap, VP of Product at FinDock. “With this partnership, we can unlock new possibilities for our users, enabling them to streamline their payment processes and increase efficiencies across the organisation.”

Getting started

Customers using FinDock and GoCardless can enable Autogiro payments from their Salesforce environments and start capturing donations right away. 

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About FinDock:

FinDock is a Salesforce native app that unlocks payments on the Salesforce platform. As payment methods and channels diversify, organisations need to be agile in order to meet supporter demands now and in the future. FinDock supports them in doing this.

With a robust payments architecture and user-centred tools to control end-to-end payments management, FinDock enables any organisation to capture, process, and reconcile all payments directly in Salesforce. 

FinDock ensures your data is unified and actionable in Salesforce, which means you’ll not only be able to achieve operational efficiencies but also deliver more meaningful and impactful supporter experiences.

For more information, go to:

Salesforce AppExchange: FinDock