FinDock adds iDEAL QR as a payment method in Salesforce
October 17, 2022

The FinDock team is pleased to announce the launch of iDeal QR with Buckaroo on Salesforce via its native Salesforce app. FinDock customers will be able to use iDEAL QR within their Salesforce org using the FinDock Payment Request Generator after the November release (October 30, 2022 – sandboxes / 27 November – production).

Collecting and processing payments from offline sources can be complex, however QR code methods, like iDEAL QR help to bridge the gap between offline and digital, making it easier for organizations to reach more customers and donors via new and existing channels and also to increase transaction conversion. To pay/ donate with iDEAL QR, users scan QR code with either their mobile banking app, the iDEAL app, a generic QR scanner, or their iPhone camera and then confirm the payment easily with their mobile banking code, fingerprint, or face recognition.

What’s more, when you use iDEAL QR with FinDock and Salesforce, payment data is automatically turned into CRM data and is actionable in real time within your Salesforce org. This means you can automate relevant customer/donor experiences, like saying “thank you” after a transaction is complete, or following up on a failed transaction, in addition to more complex interactions and operations.

“The payments landscape is constantly evolving and we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers the latest ways to accept and process payments, ” says Stefan van der Knaap, VP of Product at FinDock. “Whether you’re launching a direct mail campaign, going door to door with a collection box, or managing invoices with a QR included, then iDEAL QR with FinDock is a great option to help you do so effectively and in a personalized and frictionless way.”

Getting started with iDeal QR in Salesforce:

If you are a FinDock customer you can get started right away by simply enabling iDeal QR payments in your FinDock setup in Salesforce. If you’re not yet a FinDock customer but would like to learn more – please reach out to our dedicated team of advisors

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About FinDock:

FinDock is a Salesforce native app that unlocks payments on the Salesforce platform. As payment methods and channels diversify, organizations need to be agile in order to meet supporter demands now and in the future. FinDock supports them in doing this.

With a robust payments architecture and user-centered tools to control end-to-end payments management, FinDock enables any organization to capture, process, and reconcile all payments directly in Salesforce. 

FinDock ensures your data is unified and actionable in Salesforce which means you’ll not only be able to achieve operational efficiencies but also deliver more meaningful and impactful supporter experiences. For more information, go to: Salesforce AppExchange: FinDock