Oxfam Germany selects Salesforce and FinDock for empowered giving

Klaas Jansen
February 15, 2024

Oxfam Germany is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting global poverty and injustice. As part of the international Oxfam confederation, Oxfam Germany focuses on advocating for social justice, gender equality, and sustainable development worldwide. “We also put pressure on politicians and businesses – with creative campaigns, expert discussions and public campaigns.”

Simone Bares, COO, says:

“We are thrilled to announce an essential step forward in our mission to drive meaningful change and amplify our impact: Oxfam’s integration of Salesforce, in combination with FinDock, a dynamic combination set to revolutionize how we engage, process, and maximize the impact of your generous donations.”

This strategic integration with Salesforce and FinDock, implemented by Capgemini Germany, brings forth an array of capabilities that directly address Oxfam’s objectives and challenges, notably in streamlining, securing, and optimizing their donation processes:

1. Real-time Donation Processing:

Through Salesforce’s native integration with FinDock, donors intentions to donate will be swiftly processed in real-time. This integration ensures that contributions make an immediate impact, empowering us to respond swiftly to emergency appeals such as earthquakes and wars.

2. Efficient Payment Handling:

FinDock’s proficiency in importing bank statements and facilitating Direct Debit collections, integrated within Salesforce, ensures a smooth and secure donation process. The support of the donors will reach its intended destination promptly and securely.

3. Seamless Payment File Imports:

Leveraging FinDock’s capabilities within Salesforce, Oxfam can effortlessly import diverse payment files, enabling them to manage donations efficiently and accurately, ensuring transparency in every transaction.

4. Guided Payment Allocation:

This integrated system offers guided matching for payment postings, guaranteeing accuracy and transparency in allocating the generous donations to the causes donors intend to support.

5. Data Protection-Centric Approach:

The integration of Salesforce and FinDock is inherently designed to prioritize data protection. This combination ensures a secure and data protection-friendly environment for all donation-related activities, upholding your privacy as paramount.

“This union of Salesforce and FinDock is more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a commitment to empowering our donors’ generosity. Our donors’ contributions are instrumental in driving positive change, and this integration aims to optimize every donation to create a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. Together, with the robust combination of Salesforce and FinDock, we’re poised to magnify our collective impact to fighting global poverty and build a world where equality and justice thrive.”

says, Florian Kleber, Head of Marketing & Communication.

Curious about the possibilities and advantages of FinDock for fundraising? Read more about it here or get in touch for a demo.