Save The Children receives € 700 donation from FinDock’s Bug for Good
October 28, 2019

In June 2019, FinDock launched the Bug for Good program, inviting our valued customers and partners to submit any bugs found during a Sandbox Preview. For every bug found, we promised to donate € 100 to a specific charity. Save the Children was selected for our June 2019 release.

Save The Children just went live with FinDock, providing lots of constructive feedback, helping us further improve FinDock by giving tips and even helping other customers with the successful use of FinDock; an excellent showcase for other customers on how to use FinDock. They are definitely a worthy recipient for our Bug for Good program.

Hans Brouwer and Hartger Olivier of FinDock visited Save The Children and met with Gerjan Schutter (Data & CRM Manager), Sarah Clifton (Fundraising& Partnerships) and Karlijn van Acker (Fundraising Operations & Project Manager) to deliver the € 700 donation.

The initiative was hugely appreciated, and the cupcakes were particularly tasty!

Save The Children has made an important contribution itself by properly testing the release. The specific in-house CRM knowledge at Save the Children has contributed to a better product due to their findings.

With FinDock, Save the Children learned a lot and now have much more insight into donations and can follow these to the nearest cent.