Series: Mastering the Full Fundraising Cycle, from Acquisition to Retention


One of the most important aspects of acquiring new donors is the donor journey. How to improve capturing and increasing your donors with the right tools? We believe that the donor journey is one of the most important aspects. Therefore, Salesforce and FinDock hosted a webinar series of 4 webinars on how to maximize donations by improving your donor journey. Leave your contact details below and get access to al 4 episodes.

Take your fundraising to the next level

Are you interested in taking your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts to the next level? Join us for this exciting webinar series where you’ll learn all about capturing interest based on donor behavior, enriching your 360-degree view of donors, managing the donor lifecycle effectively, providing exceptional customer service, utilizing technology to optimize daily processes, and exploring the latest trends and innovations in fundraising.

Expert speakers | Practical tips | Improve fundraising

    Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn how to maximize donor engagement and take your fundraising efforts to the next level. Register now and take the first step towards converting interested prospects into loyal ambassadors for your cause.


    In each webinar, experts from Salesforce and FinDock will tell you everything you need to know about mastering the full fundraising cycle. In each webinar, they’ll be accompanied by an expert from an NGO.

    Jesse Schipper

    Account Executive at Salesforce

    Klaas Jansen

    Account Director at

    Peter van der Meij

    Senior Solution Engineer at FinDock

    Sophie van Poele

    Senior Solution Engineer at Salesforce

    Mark-Jan Bremmer

    Head of Marketing & Communications at Mission Aviation Fellowship

    Ewald Verhoog

    Interim Fundraising Expert and author of Digital Fundraising

    Martijn Moens

    Principal Customer Success Manager at Salesforce

    Jeroen Beelen

    Data & Marketing Automation manager at Save the Children Netherlands

    The webinar series

    Webinar 1: Capturing interest based on donor behavior

    By understanding what drives your donors’ interests and motivations, you can personalize your outreach to increase engagement and donations.

    Speakers: Mark-Jan Bremmer (MAF), Sophie van Poele, Jesse Schipper and Klaas Jansen 

    Webinar 2: Completing your donor profile

    By breaking down data silos and enriching your 360-degree view of donors: By doing so, you can cultivate and activate your donors from day one, nurturing them into lifelong supporters.

    Speakers: Ewald Verhoog, Sophie van Poele, Jesse Schipper and Klaas Jansen

    Webinar 3: Managing the donor lifecycle effectively

    From donor to ambassador, you can maximize your impact and build a community of engaged supporters. And learn how to surprise donors with exceptional customer services, even when things don’t go according to plan.

    Speakers: Martijn Moens, Peter van der Meij, Jesse Schipper and Klaas Jansen

    Webinar 4: Optimize and automate daily processes in the back-office

    Ensuring that fundraising is seamless and efficient.

    Additional presentation for the UK region about GiftAid.

    Speakers: Jeroen Beelen (Save the Chidren Netherlands), Peter van der Meij, Jesse Schipper and Klaas Jansen