Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

When you request information from FinDock, sign up to or purchase any of our services, FinDock obtains information about you. This statement explains what we do with that information and how we protect it.

Our actions are governed by the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. We ensure that the data we hold is both relevant and adequate, not going beyond what is needed for our business. We do not exchange information to any third party without express permission.

Data collection and storage

When we collect your information, we make it clear which information is required for the given purpose. Additional information we request that is optional may be provided by you if you so choose.

We use commercial-grade systems to store your information securely. We train our staff in handling information that falls under the scope of the GDPR.

Data use

If we would like to contact you in future about new offerings or other developments, we only do this if based on legitimate reasons as outlined by the GDPR or with the explicit prior permission from you. You have the right to request that we not contact you for such purposes, and we aim to provide clear means to end such contact.

Access to data

You have the right to obtain information we have about you in accordance with the GDPR. To obtain a copy of this information, please send your request to This service is provided for free. However, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee if a request is excessive, repetitive or otherwise beyond the scope of what is legally required by the GDPR. We aim to reply as promptly as possible and within legally mandated time limits.