Unlock global giving potential: why your nonprofit needs a Fundraising Center of Excellence

Jessica Hood
January 23, 2024

Imagine igniting a wave of generosity that transcends borders, amplifying your mission, and maximizing your impact. This isn’t a dream; it’s the exhilarating reality within reach for nonprofits embracing a Fundraising Center of Excellence (COE).

While navigating the complexities of international fundraising can seem daunting, a strategically designed COE acts as your compass, guiding you towards a world of empowered donors and impactful giving. So, why invest in this game-changer? Let’s explore what having a Center of Excellence can do to your nonprofit: 



1. Unify your global fundraising strategy

Picture a world where fundraising efforts across teams, offices, and countries seamlessly align with your organization’s mission. A COE makes this a reality, ensuring consistency in messaging, budget allocation, and campaign execution. No more scattered efforts – just a symphony of fundraising harmony, resonating with donors worldwide.


2.Cultivate Donor loyalty across borders

Does your organization understand the nuances of giving across cultures? A COE empowers you to do just that. By tracking payment preferences, donation volumes, and regional trends, you can tailor your approach, forging deeper connections with donors wherever they may be. Imagine a French supporter receiving impactful updates on their Kenyan project investment, fostering a sense of personal involvement and driving repeat giving.


3.Streamline operations and empower your team

Imagine ditching the time-consuming chaos of juggling a dozen fundraising tools. A COE streamlines training, centralizes resources, and simplifies processes, freeing your team to focus on what they do best – inspiring impactful giving. This translates to happier, more productive staff, ready to conquer the global fundraising arena.


4.Reap the rewards of strategic efficiency

A well-oiled COE doesn’t just boost morale; it fuels financial success. By eliminating redundancies and centralizing donor databases, fundraising materials, and reporting systems, you watch costs plummet. Imagine the impact of reallocating those savings towards amplifying your mission and reaching even more lives.


Multi-currency, multi-country: never miss an opportunity

Want to build a solid COE and lay the foundation for collecting donations globally? Several international multi-currency humanitarian and environmental organizations have implemented Salesforce and FinDock to make it happen.

In the words of Veganuary, “Because FinDock is 100% native, payment data becomes Salesforce CRM data. This allows us to see who donated, where they’re from, and how much they donated. This means we can launch more tailored journeys from Pardot and never miss an opportunity.”

Don’t let geographical borders limit your impact. Embrace the transformative power of a Fundraising Center of Excellence and unlock a world of boundless giving. Your passionate donors around the globe are waiting to join the journey – are you ready to lead the way?

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