Webinar: What’s New with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud + FinDock (EU/UK&I)

+ Q&A with FinDock

February 15th, 2PM GMT / 3PM CET

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and FinDock have been innovating to create one solution for data driven fundraising that boosts efficiency and productivity within any size organization. Join us to discuss what’s new with Nonprofit Cloud and the latest enhancements to FinDock supporting Nonprofit Cloud.

As more nonprofits are looking to implement the Nonprofit Cloud, this session will prepare you as an SI to understand the advanced features and functionality that engage with FinDock and the advantages of a native payments solution.


  • Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud Update
  • How does FinDock work with the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Europe and UK&I
  • Bringing the Nonprofit Cloud and FinDock to live with an actual demo
  • Q&A with the FinDock experts

Register now to secure your spot and join us for this opportunity to explore the Nonprofit Cloud’s transformative potential with FinDock. Together, let’s amplify your customers fundraising efforts!


Learn directly from experts within the Salesforce and Nonprofit ecosystem.

Klaas Jansen

Account Director

Peter van der Meij

Senior Solution Engineer